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The Best Belly Rings
For Bodybuilders and Fitness Competitors

A new type of body jewelry that the bodybuilders and fitness readers are excited about TummyToys. They enjoy that the TummyToy clasp is easy to use and will not catch on clothing or gym equipment.

Barbaric Barbell Banished From The Belly

TummyToys® and the barbaric barbell... the only snap-closing body jewelry on the market.

TummyToys are a new style of body jewelry that easily snaps into your piercing. Because of its shape and quality TummyToys will not catch or snag on you workout clothes or competition suits. What could be worse than your navel barbell or nipple jewelry catching and rendering you unable to move! Ouch.

TummyToys are made with colorful gems and enamels making it easy to match your mood or workout gear. Since they are designed for fashion there are lots of choices from the classic hoop to the sapphires and Diamonds that glimmer with every move.

Navel piercing has been around for years and so far, all that has been available is a rod of steel with a screw thread on the part that goes through the piercing — TummyToys unique brand of "navel engineering" offers a simple, pain-free alternative to old-fashioned barbaric bar and ball pieces. Instead of inserting painful screws into piercings, the TummyToy offers an easy patented clip. Gone is the ouch-factor and gone is the worry over losing body jewelry that has come unscrewed.

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