Pre Workout Foods

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10 Best Pre Workout Foods


Most people do not know those foods that are best for them to use or eat just before they work out. Working out requires you to have some energy for use. Snacks some people go for are sometimes the wrong choice. The workout requires you to take specific types of foods. It is thus good and important to try these foods before starting to work out on any day.


The fast acting carbohydrates available in the bananas is an essential requirement for work out.  You need fuel for the body to withstand the workout.  The bananas provide the fuel that the body requires.  The muscles and the nerves also require to be maintained such that they continue performing the functions they need to be performing.  For the individuals who enjoy working out in the morning hours, the banana is what they should go for before working out.  Have or take the banana before the workout. Remember that the banana is not breakfast. After the workout, ensure to have or take breakfast. You can still include a banana in the breakfast.


Oats are also important as a snack just before workout. The fiber in the oats is essential in aiding and helping of the release of carbohydrates in the body. The release of the energy is needed so the body can withstand the workouts or exercises. Fast and steady release and supply of the carbohydrates to the muscles is thus simple. Oats are thus good as a pre-workout snack or food.


Regular users of the caffeine reportedly enjoy working out.  Energy generation in addition to this is also a role of caffeine in the body.  Caffeine use is known to reduce fatigue during a workout.  The burning of fats is faster because caffeine intake increases its speed in the body.  Before working out, consider drinking a glass or cup of caffeine.

Fruit Smoothies

They have a high level or composition of proteins. They are thus an awesome snack for an individual to take before starting working out.  The digestion of fruit smoothies takes place quickly and rapidly, and they are helpful in energy provision for the muscles. They have both complex and simple carbohydrates.  Smoothies provide a steady energy stream throughout the workout period. They are thus essential for working out.

Chick Peas

They are easy to use before a workout, and this is the major advantage. No preparation or cooking needs to be done. One can thus take or have them fast not to get late for the workout planned.  They should, however, be mixed with a bit of lemon juice to add some taste.  They provide energy and also have fiber that aids in energy release to the muscles.

Egg Whites

The egg white should be prepared and taken before a workout. It is advisable to avoid including the yolk in the snacks because its metabolism is slower as compared to including it. The egg white is the better option.  They have or contain no fats. They, however, have proteins in sufficient amounts to aid the body in the workout.

Dried Fruit

The snack is light and does not need much of preparations.  The fruits provide energy for the body to use in the period of the workout.  You can use fruits including berries, pineapples, apricots and apples. The fruits are healthy.

Whole Grain Toast

Whole grains are essential for energy provision for use during the workout. They are an awesome choice of snack for the body just before starting working out or exercising. They have carbohydrates that are simple and fast-acting. They ensure that the body has the energy it requires during the workout process.  Some jam is essential on the toast to add on to the abilities to provide energy.  You can still use yoghurt or honey with the toast.

Chicken Breasts

Some people work out in the afternoons or evenings. During this time, before work out, consider taking the chicken breast. They enable the body to withstand the workouts and exercise.  The energy they provide for the body is usable even if you work out for a long period. They are thus effective as a workout snack taken before commencing.  They also have the advantage of containing minimal fats.  They have proteins that continue with the role of repair during the workout. It is advisable to substitute the meal with brown rice or even sweet potatoes.  It is important to include vegetables that are starchy in content.

Greek Yoghurt

The Greek yoghurt has more protein content than normal yoghurt; almost twice as much.  They have fewer sugars as compared to other yoghurts in the market; however they can provide energy for a workout. The yoghurt should be taken before one commences or starts working out.  The energy boosting property of the yogurt makes it a good choice of snack to take before the workout. The boost is usually easy and has no effects or strain on the stomach.


The role of snacks before a workout is the provision of energy and ensuring that body functions continue normally. Choice of the snack is of essence and importance. The healthy snacks discussed can be the best and can help you in working out.

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