Bodybuilding Back Workout Tips

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4 of the best bodybuilding back workout tips to build a huge back

When it comes to bodybuilding, many people, other than truly dedicated and knowledgeable individuals in the sport that is, tend to focus more on the muscles and parts of the body that are not only more visible to others, but also that are more visible to themselves.

Typically the two biggest culprits are the arms and the chest. Whilst working these muscle groups, and indeed all other muscle groups for that matter, is incredibly important, one muscle group, which just so happens to be one of the largest, that is often neglected is the back.

The reason why a lot of people tend to neglect their backs and not really put a lot of effort into their bodybuilding back workout, is because they can't easily see it in the mirror, they can't easily flex their backs, and they can't easily check on just how well, or how poorly, developed the back actually is. For many, a muscular, powerful, ripped, and defined back is the difference between a good physique, and an incredible physique for many reasons.

To begin with, building your upper back and tightening your lower back can help you to build up a V-taper which makes you look even more aesthetic as it makes you look bigger whilst making your waist look smaller.

Not only that, a strong back helps improve functional strength and helps generate more strength and power as a result.

If your back development and workouts are lagging, take a look at these bodybuilding back workout tips and you'll be making progress in no time at all.

Compound movements The back is made up of a number of different muscles and muscle groups, located in the upper back as well as the lower back.

For that reason, ensuring you focus on all muscle groups located in your back is essential for creating a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing physique that is not only easy on the eye, but functional at the same time.

For piling on the mass in your back, make sure you include plenty of compound movements/exercises into your bodybuilding back workout routine to really stimulate new growth. Compound exercises are basically exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, as opposed to isolation exercises which isolate single specific muscle groups.

There are many different compound exercises that work different parts of the back at once, with many of them coming in the form of free weight exercises using barbells and dumbbells.

However, one of the best compound exercises you could ever wish to perform, uses nothing but your own bodyweight, and is the pull up.

Pull ups work the upper, middle, and lower back, depending on how you have your grip, and they also work the biceps in the process, which allow you to get bigger arms.

For a huge and powerful back, stick with various rows, deadlifts, pull ups, etc.

Isolation exercises For growth and development, compound movements are a great place to start and focus on, making sure to still include isolation exercises. Once your back begins responding to the training, however, and it begins growing, then you can include more isolation exercises into your routine. Isolation exercises are mainly performed using machines, though not always, and they work with, well, isolating certain muscle groups. Many people think that these exercises are only any good for adding definition, but that's not the case at all. Yes, they do indeed improve definition, but they're also great for bringing lagging body parts up too. Say your lats are lagging in development compared with your lower back; by adding isolation exercises such as lat pull-downs into your bodybuilding back workout routine, you can bring up your lats and give them additional work in the process.

Squeeze with each rep A lot of people make the mistake of performing various exercises and bouncing the weight up and down, jerking their body, using it to gain added momentum, which basically makes the exercise pretty pointless. With the back, for example, if you're trying to barbell row a stupid amount of weight, but are jerking your body all over the place and using your arms to do most of the work, the exercise suddenly becomes pointless. Instead, stick with a weight that you're comfortable with, and make sure to squeeze it with every rep. Squeeze the back muscles for a second or two on the positive part of the movement, before slowly returning to the starting position and repeating again and again. This will force blood into the muscles which will help oxygenate cells found in them, making them more efficient whilst also delivering other essential nutrients vital for growth, repair, and recovery.

Straps If you can't really feel your back getting much benefit during a bodybuilding back workout, it may be because your forearms and your biceps are doing most of the work for you. Straps however, take these out of the equation and allow you to improve your grip and make your back to the work instead. For added back development, a set of decent straps could prove very useful indeed.

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