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Even a Busy Mum Can Find Time to Exercise

You open one eye. The world is rocking up and down. There's a vague thumping sound. You jolt up. Earthquake! Oh, it's just Ivan jumping on the bed. That's right, it's Sunday and you haven't made breakfast yet. You put on a bathrobe and waddle over to the kitchen where Katy just spilled all of your unground beans over the counter and floor. Time to wake Jared, you can't do this all alone.

How do you find time to exercise when you just barely have time to enjoy your coffee in the morning? You certainly have to be dedicated to the cause if you want to keep healthy and active, but that means you need to find a routine that will keep your interest and give you something to get your mind off the daily grind. Here is some advice on how you can steal back a little workout time, so that at least 15 minutes a day are just about you.

Get up ridiculously early

It will not be easy at first. In fact, it will be painfully difficult finding the motivation to get out of the comfort of those warm sheets before your kids even wake up and realize they haven't made your morning a hell (you love them). At 4AM there, your world is still asleep and that means there's no one who needs your attention other than you. You don't have to do it every day but try and set 2-3 days a week aside to rise and shine before the sun beats you to it.

Set appointments with yourself

If you tell yourself you should, you probably won't. Good intentions escape us all the time, but if we have an appointment we usually try and stick to it. Sometimes we have to find ways to trick ourselves into sticking to a routine, especially one that gives us so many benefits, like more energy, and a general feeling of well-being. Think of your workout as an appointment you cannot miss. Schedule several throughout the week and keep to that schedule; from 17:00 - 17:30 you have nowhere else you should be.

Break it up

Forget lengthy workouts. The days of 2 hour workouts at the gym are behind you, a fond memory; your schedule just doesn't allow it anymore. But don't worry, you can still put in the time if you divide your workouts into smaller routines. Set the kids in front of their favourite cartoon and workout for 15 minutes. High intensity interval training will put your body through the same rigour as longer workouts, and the results might even be better. Exercising throughout the day will keep your metabolism busier than a single workout in the morning.

But if a gym really is for you, whatever you do, don't get tied down to a long-term membership plan that will surely prove your undoing. Instead, get a gym day pass and you'll find that on those days you can't make it, you won't have to deal with any undue pangs of guilt!

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