Crossfit Weightlifting

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Crossfit Weightlifting for Beginners

Defining CrossFit

CrossFit is a trademarked brand which encompasses a workout style that incorporates a broad variety of exercises. The underlying concept is to attain well-rounded health and fitness. As per its official definition, it contends that an individual is as fit as they’re proficient in these ten physical skills: stamina, flexibility, power, strength, speed, balance, coordination, agility, accuracy, and cardiovascular endurance. It combines endurance training, strength training, short high-intensity intervals’ training, and several skill-based movement training into one comprehensive program. 

CrossFit Weightlifting

CrossFit's popularity has exploded over the last decade. Anyone, witnessing a CrossFit workout for the first time, would be forgiven you for thinking CrossFit weightlifting was a mishmash of various Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and traditional weightlifting exercises.

CrossFit barely follows any structure. It doesn’t stick to any particular training. Both genders can take part in CrossFit. However, the workouts tend to prescribe varying weights, depending on gender. Weightlifting is among the essential elements of the popular CrossFit workout. 

Olympic Lifts

The CrossFit concept considerably adheres to the inclusion of Olympic lifts in its programming. These lifts form a crucial part in CrossFit. The Snatch, Clean & Jerk moves are commonplace in multiple CrossFit workouts. For instance, the Isabel (a CrossFit workout) involves thirty 135-lbs snatches which are performed in as quick time as possible.

 The Linda, as well, involves 55 cleans which make use of half your bodyweight. Such Olympic lifts help build power and strength. Also, the derivatives of such moves are CrossFit staples. Power snatches, full cleans, overhead squirts, power cleans, and push jerks regularly make their way into the CrossFit workouts.

What about Bell Tolls?

You won’t find any dumbbell at any CrossFit gym. But, you’ll find plenty of kettle bells. Kettlebells have proven to be a useful tool in building power, speed, and mobility across different CrossFit workouts. With kettlebells, you’ll be able to perform variations of the Clean & Jerk, and Snatch. Also, you can use them for Turkish get-ups and swings. 

Traditional Lift Moves

Some people might worry whether traditional moves are included in CrossFit. Deadlifts and squats have their reserved place, too. Bench pressing isn’t involved in CrossFit, though. Instead, they do overhead pressing. Together, they’re the three moves which make up CrossFit’s form of powerlifting – a workout referred to as the Total. It entails lifting a one rep max in each exercise.

What Can You Expect?

Concept training mostly revolves around variety. It implies that you’ll do different things almost every day. It’ll involve varying forms of lifting nearly always. Strength coaches and CrossFit instructors recommend starting out with several basic workouts.

 You can begin with 3 kettlebell swings, 10 squat jumps, 5 burpees, and 10 ring pushups. If you want a more strength-based circuit, you can combine Clean & Jerk with hanging leg-raises, ensuring that your toes touch up to the bar on each rep. 

CrossFit Weight Loss

If you take part in CrossFit, you’ll almost certainly reduce weight. High-intensity interval training (standard to CrossFit) is quite useful when it comes to weight loss. There’s a prolonged calorie-burn effect after completing the workout. There are numerous other exercises, as well, which pack quite a weight-loss punch. Such include push presses, box jumps, wall balls, and back squats. 

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Endurance (CFE) makes use of short, high-intensity intervals which help athletes prepare for distance-running events. Such workouts offer results similar to those you’d expect from logging multiple miles each day. However, they’ll have minor wear and tear. Expect exercises like sprints, pushups, sit-ups, and air squats with CFE. 

How to Enhance Your CrossFit Weightlifting

Now, you’re familiar with the drill well enough. You head into the gym and warm up using an empty bar. Then, you hit the warm up and load the plates on that bar at your platform. It’s same as usual. 30Kg feels okay, as usual. 35kg follows that, and then 40kg. Now, it’s time for 2.5kg jumps. But, it happens. You begin missing the 45-50kgs. Why? 

Realize that CrossFit, as a sport, is 90% mental. The remaining 10% is physical. Yes, there could be some technical aspects of your lifts which ought to be addressed. But, the reason behind that is psyching ourselves out. Here, we’ve compiled several golden strategies which will help overcome that. Also, they’ll help newbies get ready and indulge in the sport with a better mindset. 

I. Odd Jumps

Take those odd jumps. Rather than following the same 35-40-45-50kg progression, you can try the 31-34-37-40kg format. Human beings tend to wrap their heads only around simple concepts. We try simplifying every complicated thing we come across. You 'know’ that 50kg is heavy. But, you’ve got no reference frame for 42kg or 47kg. 

You can take advantage of that tendency by doing odd jumps. Your body will adapt very quickly. You’ll be able to train your body to lift just about any weight. Such small weight adjustments will make you a lot more mindful of the lift technique. Remember to change the pattern often. 

II. Lift in the Flats

Drop those lifting shoes often. We tend to become horribly accustomed to the feel of lifting shoes. In fact, we can get over-reliant on them. Lift in your flats instead of the heels. It’ll enable you to develop extra sensitivity concerning your body awareness and weight distribution.

III. Every-Minute-on-the-Minute (EMOM) Work

You need to build volume at higher percentages. That’s crucial to making huge lifts on a consistent basis. A protocol which has been proven to work really well is EMOM work. You can begin at 80-90%. You can then add just 1-2kg each minute. In case you miss three times, drop back about 5kg and begin again. With such an approach, you won’t have overly long time to analyze the lifts. 

IV. Lifting Under Fatigue

It’s CrossFit, after all. We highly recommend lifting under fatigue as an excellent way to expose any issues in your workouts. You’ll then be able to work on how you can improve them. Yes, tradition advises that we need 2+ minutes of rest between effort lifts. Also, the Olympic lifts shouldn’t be rushed or done under much fatigue. But, CrossFit has turned lots of things on its head. Switch off your brain to what you feel you require and just head for the lifts. You don’t need any thinking time. Just go!

V. Perform Multiple Reps

Max out sessions and percentage work aren’t the only ways to enhance strength in your lifts. It’s CrossFit weightlifting. As such, you’ll mainly need to hit multiple reps at heavy weights. Multiple reps will primarily work best for hang and power lifts. 

Parting Words

CrossFit is clearly able to teach mechanics, consistency, and intensity. It brings attention to fitness and some notoriety which are certainly fantastic. Beyond that, there is a competitive CrossFit scene. Individuals can compete in CrossFit meets. The apex of those meets is dubbed as CrossFit Games.' This sport has cultivated quite some spectatorship. Elite CrossFit competitors have now become legitimate professional athletes. 

Athletes will be better Olympic weightlifters if they’re able to improve on CrossFit weightlifting techniques. It’ll make them more powerful and explosive in the respective sport they’re involved in. CrossFit Weightlifting focuses on developing proficiency and strength in regards to all related lifts. The exercises involved help one enhance their size, strength, as well as muscular endurance. But remember, you ought to believe in yourself! That’s the key ingredient to success!

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Kelly is the founder of RegularityFitness, where she and associates blog about the best fitness exercises, weight loss methods, diet, muscle building. That will help you get a good shape and healthy. RegularityFitness concentrated on the benefits of exercise and provides effective training methods to achieve it. She has three years of experience fitness and that is the biggest passion in life

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