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7 Shocking Facts That Will Make You Never Skip A Gym Session Again

Thinking about skipping the gym today? Well, we can make up thousands of excuses for not going to the gym. From forgetting your training gear to your favorite soccer game on TV. But, have you wondered what happens to your body when you turn your back on workouts? Letís take a look.

An Exercise High

When we exercise, primarily three chemicals are released by our body. Those are Endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine. These chemicals can make you feel great after working out. They also help in reducing stress levels and boosting your well-being. Skipping the gym might make you feel grumpy and lazy as well. So, make sure that you hit the gym consistently.


If you stop working out, it is possible that you will lose your competitive edge. When we push ourselves to the maximum in the gym, it is possible that we carry these traits into everyday life. This can help us perform better at workplaces as well. Going consistently to the gym will give us a competitive edge over others. Without that, we will be left without focus, and it is likely that our success rates will go down.

Long Term Benefits

We need to understand that the benefits of workouts are not just for today, but it's for our whole lives. The long-term benefits of having a consistent exercise regimen are big. When you are fit, you are laying a solid foundation for a healthy and long life. We will have better blood circulation and greater flexibility of joints and muscles. All these can help us achieve an improved quality of life. Do you want to jeopardize a better life? Then just donít skip your workouts.


It is important to notice that we will have better and more restful sleep if we workout. Workouts are the best way to clear your head of all the worries and anxieties. When you are at the gym pushing yourself and concentrating on increasing your performance, your everyday problems can vanish. It is crucial to note that you exhaust yourself at the gym, so missing a workout means that you are less tired than usual but more stressed. This can hinder your sleep. A poll by the national sleep foundation found that people who consistently workout get regular sleep.

The poll also states that those who did not engage themselves in any physical activity reported a lower quality of sleep. When people do not sleep for the adequate time, they get low on energy, irritable and have low concentration levels. So, if you skip your workout for a day, it will hinder your sleep and will reduce your energy levels. So, this might become a vicious pattern. A study by Northwestern University discovered that workouts could help combat sleep disorders. In short, exercise is the key to better sleep.


Going to the gym is likely to evoke a feeling of self-esteem within us. So, once hitting the gym becomes a habit, our self-esteem will surge. But, if we skip working out a couple of times, the snowball effect is likely to take place. You might develop a habit of skipping workouts. This can negatively impact your self-esteem as you realize that you are going downhill regarding fitness.

Falling Out Of Shape

You worked very hard to get fit, whether by doing regular runs or hitting the bench press. When you don't work out regularly, you may get out of shape very fast. This depends on how much time you are going to spend away from the gym.

The general rule is that the fitter you are, the longer it will take for you to fall out of shape. Missing workouts for up to 7 days might not have very severe repercussions. But, if you have not broken a sweat for two weeks, you won't get away with it easily. According to a study by the journal of applied science, skipping workouts for 14 days can lower muscles mass, reduce cardiovascular fitness and decrease insulin sensitivity. But, for all your fitness gains to completely go away, it will take around two months.

Reverse Mode

It is necessary to notice that your body might switch to the reverse mode if you skip workouts especially when it comes to losing weight. Your fat levels will start to increase as your metabolism slows down. Your metabolism drops to around 10% of its capability to use oxygen which helps in burning the calories. The first step is pivotal for every journey. So, make sure that you take steps in the right direction when it comes to workouts.

It is important to notice that all breaks are not bad. Taking a break when you are sick or injured is the right thing to do. In fact, to achieve optimal performance, breaks are not needed. The difference lies when these breaks become a habit. Also, take a look at this article from garage gym planner to know how to keep yourself motivated and never skip workouts. #Stay Fit.

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