Exercise With Pets

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Exercise With Your Pet

Enthusiasm Is Contagious From An Overlooked Source

Enlist the help of man or womanís best friend to stay motivated about exercise

Getting in shape and staying that way is more difficult than we would like to believe. Once you begin an exercise regimen, you will begin to look and feel great. This will encourage you to continue your routine and as a result your health and stamina will continue to increase. However, getting started is always the problem for a couch potato.

It takes about a month or so to get in the habit of exercising but after that time it would be difficult to stop. Fortunately, there are many ways to get in shape that include martial arts, dancing, hiking and sports. All you need is the right motivation.

EnthusiasmÖ Where Does It Come From?

EnthusiasmÖ where does it come from? One of the best ways to be enthusiastic about exercising is to have a partner that is always there ready and willing to keep you company. Sometimes itís difficult to make yourself get off the couch and outside in the fresh air especially when you are doing it alone. For many people, exercising seems like a job and not something you are looking forward to doing.

However, when you find a good exercise partner it becomes fun and exciting. You will actually begin looking forward to the routine. This is why you normally see people exercising in pairs. They go to the gym together, the park and even jogging together. The hard part is finding someone that you can depend on to take exercising as seriously as you do. Thatís why one of the best partners you could ever have is your faithful pet.

Your pet will always be there ready to go when you are. In fact, they may even be persistent in getting you off that couch when it comes time for the daily routine. Dogs love to run, play and go for long walks and their enthusiasm can rub off on you and motivate you to get going even when you donít really feel like it.

Your Pet and Exercise

There is an old saying that states people who have a dog for a pet live a longer healthier life than ones who donít. There is a good reason for this because a good healthy dog can encourage you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. When they start barking and leading you to the door you know itís time for your daily exercise. They provide companionship and whenever you feel depressed they can be very comforting.

Dogs love to get exercise and it donít matter to them what you do. You can go for a walk or play fetch with a stick in your backyard. They will be happy visiting the park or going for a walk around the block. Theyíre not picky, they will be happy anywhere you go as long as you are spending time with them getting the exercise that you both need.

Physically Active Breeds

All dogs love to run and play and would make a great exercise partner but some breeds will have more stamina than others. Therefore, when choosing the breed to be your partner, consider the type of exercising you plan on doing. If you want to teach your dog to play Frisbee, then choose a breed that grows large enough to actually catch it. If you just want to go for long walks or maybe a jog, any size dog will be able to accompany you. If you are searching for a small but hearty dog consider a petite goldendoodle.

Suggestions for Exercising with Your Pet

Exercising with your pet is a fun and inspirational way to get the exercise you need. One of the great things about exercising with your pet is the fact that it doesnít matter what you do. Your pet will enjoy anything that you choose as long as you are spending time with him. You will always see that gleam in his eyes when itís time to get outside and exercise.

If you live in a city environment, then you can walk around the block or take your pet to the city park for a nice run. If you are near the beach then a stroll up and down the ocean is a great way to get exercise. You can even throw a ball or a Frisbee for him to chase and bring back to you. People living in rural areas may have a yard big enough to get outside and run and play together.

A healthy dog has more stamina and could run faster than any human but if you take your pet jogging or for a run they will normally stay right by your side matching your pace. Knowing they could go faster or maybe even longer can help give you the motivation to gradually add to your routine. When exercising with your pet you donít need to worry about what to do, the main thing is that you will be getting off that couch and outside in the fresh air.

Is There a Limit on How Much Exercise You Should Get?

When it comes to exercise, you could never do too much. That is, as long as you rest when you become tired and you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Never exercise until you become sore and your body is exhausted but itís recommended that you get approximately one hour of exercise per day to stay healthy.

Exercise is great for your body but itís only half of what you need to do to stay healthy. Your diet is a big factor in your health as well. All the exercising in the world might not help much if you live off greasy cheeseburgers, potato chips and French fries. To keep your body strong and fit you need protein from healthy foods such as fish, beans, poultry and similar white meats.

Your body also needs fruits and vegetables, which you can eat as often as you like. Eat salads, apples and similar items when you need a snack between meals instead of those cookies or candy bars. Drink as much water as you can per day, about a gallon is recommended to stay healthy and itís advised that it be room temperature when exercising. Donít feel like you canít ever enjoy that cheeseburger or piece of cake. You can indulge once in a while, just donít make it a habit and eat these foods regularly.

The End Result

Everyone from the couch potato to the athlete can benefit from exercising with their pet. It doesnít matter who you are or what kind of shape youíre in. If you can throw a ball or go for a walk you can enjoy exercising with your pet. In fact, with all of their enthusiasm they can motivate you to do a little more each day to increase your exercising and improve your health even more. If you are already in good shape, they make a great companion that can keep you from getting bored.

About the AuthorÖ

John Bolt and his wife Carolee live in Cambridge, Ontario which is a small town about an hours drive from the city of Toronto. He has proven to be an Ultimate Dog Lover who enjoys nothing more than spending time playing sports with his dog Daly. His successful crate training through the us of plastic dog crates has made Daly a perfect companion. Bolt is a true outdoorsman and the publisher of www.goldendoodletime.com. He uses his years of field experience and his sincere love and affection for all dogs as inspiration for his writing.

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