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Fitness Watches With Heart Rate Sensors

3 Quality Devices For Less Than $150

Looking for a reliable fitness tracker that can record your heart rate, sleep and more? Below are 3 worthwhile fitness watches with it's own in built heart rate detection sensor:

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit is a hugely popular brand, and it is not a surprise that the Fitbit Charge HR has it's own heart rate tracker. Some of the features of the Charge Hr includes step counting, distance walked, flight of stairs climbed, calories burned, automatic sleep tracking and of course, 24/7 heart rate monitoring. As well, it comes with date and time display, alarm clock vibration, stop watch timing, basic incoming caller id alert and a battery life of around 5 days.

Other notable features, the Charge HR can recognize the types of activities you are performing from cycling, aerobic workout and so on. As well what makes Fitbit a standout is the FitBit App. It is easy to use and even more easier to navigate around for an in depth analysis of you workout stats. Although it is not waterproof, it is a quality fitness tracker and for the price you pay, it is worth the money.

Garmin Vivosmart Hr

This Garmin Vivosmart HR activity tracker has it all. It is waterproof to 50 meters, it has a battery life of approximately 9 days, it has a smartwatch styled incoming phone notifications, it has heart rate monitoring, it has automatic sleep detection, and ideal for fitness nuts who enjoys wearing their fitness tracker non stop, that is, eat, sleep, train, shower, swim and walk with it on.

In my opinion, this is an overkill, but they are people who track every bit of activity. Like the Fitbit Charge HR, it also tracks the number of steps walked, distance covered and more. Overall, the Vivosmart HR is a great waterproof fitness tracker, and for people who enjoys swimming, this should be on your shopping list for Christmas!

Jawbone Up4

Next up notable wrist heart rate monitor device worthy of a mention is Jawbone Up4. With a battery life of 10 days, it will last longer than most fitness trackers. As a fitness tracker it can do the normal tracking stuff like counting steps and it can record the heart-rate, measure the quality of one's sleep, offers ways to a good night's shut eye and the stand out, you can pay for items using the Up4 with the gizmo at participating retail stores. How cool is that.

As well, the Up4 can keeps tabs of your breathing and sweat levels non stop daily.

Fitness watches with heart rate trackers are popular and the norm now, and it can help exercisers, especially for people with health and weight issues to train within their permitted heart rate. Though there are questions over the accuracy of the heart rate count, wearing these wrist heart rate monitors can serve as a great guide to help you train more effectively. But for the fitness geeks who prefers heart rate zone training and improved performance, a fitness tracker that can be synced to a chest strap is the best option, as it offers more pin point accuracy and data analysis.

Still not too sure which fitness tracker is suitable for you? Subscribe for a FREE 9 page guide at and learn about the 9 things you should look out for before you any kind of fitness wearable. Whether you are a fitness pro, new to weight loss or someone looking a budget friendly fitness watch, this short guide will help you make an informed decision on buying the most suitable fitness watch for your workout plans and hectice lifestyle.

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