Abdominal Exercise

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2 Great Ab Exercises that aren't really 'Ab Exercises'

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Firstly, there are the ‘typical’ Ab exercises which everybody knows – variations of situps and crunches.  Needless to say, these are useless.

Secondly, there are those ab exercises which really target the abs through developing your ‘core strength’.  Many people don’t know of many of these exercises, although they are far more effective and targeting than ordinary ab workouts. These can be found at this page: Lower Ab Workout.

 Thirdly, there are other ab workouts you can throw in to change your program, which actually works your entire body while also working your abs ie. Effective indirect ab exercises.  The Lower Ab Workout section contains a ‘12 Best Ab Exercises’ which also includes some highly effective indirect ab exercises, with diagrams.  Two of them are:

1) Dumbell Rows

2) ‘Mountain Climbers’ on Floor

A good program to use these could be 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions for each exercise.  Note: Mountain climbers can be done for 30 – 45 seconds, instead of reps.

Dumbbell Rows

  1. Start in a pushup position while holding 2 dumbbells.
  2. ‘Pull’ or ‘row’ one dumbbell towards your body while keeping your body stable with the other arm.  Slowly bring the dumbbell back towards the floor. 
  3. Alternate with the opposite arm.

The stabilizing strain while performing the rows gives an incredible workout for your entire core (midsection) area. You’ll really feel your abs burn!

Mountain Climbers

  1. Start in a pushup position.
  2. Move right leg in and out so that your knee is tucking in under your chest.  Move back to starting position. (This resembles a climbing motion, while flat on the floor)
  3. For you advanced people, shuffle your hands 10-12 inches forward and backward while doing the leg movements. This makes it a full body exercise and much more difficult.

These will give you one of the best ab workouts you've ever had without even doing ‘direct’ ab exercises. You'll see what I mean after you try them!

Don't waste your time with crappy crunches. For more effective abdominal exercises,

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