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Healthy Eating at Restaurants

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Eating out can be a big part in many people's lives. Maybe you eat out frequently because you entertain your clients at restaurants, or perhaps you don't like eating out, but just do it to remain a social being. Regardless of this, if you want to maintain your body restaurant meals are a massive hurdle to overcome. Matter of fact, regular restaurant dining is a major reason why so many of us put on weight while traveling.

Follow these simple tricks you can easily use to eat healthy and remain lean even while eating out at restaurants.

The Problem

There are three very important things to avoid at restaurants:

  • deep fried foods
  • refined starchy foods
  • any juices, soft drinks, or any other high sugar foods (except whole fruits, which are terrific)

That means you should skip the table bread, the fries that come with every meal, and reduce all of the heaped servings of rice and pasta that are often served in plentiful amounts.

If you skip these major no no’s, this eliminates - trans fats, refined vegetable oils, refined starchy carbohydrates, and processed sugars.

The Solution

As an alternative, order just meat with a salad, and side vegetables, asking for the salad or vegetables to substitute the usual pasta, potato fries, or rice.  Many restaurants now-a-days will actually give you this option upfront.

It is amazing how many people I am scrutinized by because I exchange my fries for veggies, telling me that I ‘haven’t lived’ until I eat potato fries.  What a joke! If that's their idea of ‘living’, they need to find some much better hobbies!

In an ironic twist, these are often the first people complaining they are overweight and have apparently ‘tried everything’. To eat things in moderation is all good if you ask me, however everybody now knows that there are two things that no-one should ever touch – EVER!  - soft drinks, and french fries.  Note: even ‘diet’ soft drinks are not healthy!

Substituting fries and soft drinks save a minimum 500 - 900 calories every time you dine out (depending on portion sizes).  Not only that, but you are ALSO eliminating the unwanted trans fats and processed sugars.

‘Pre-meal’ Exercise – Eat Carbs WITHOUT packing on fat!

There IS a way you can eat full portions of bread, rice, and pasta, without adding on body fat, although this is not something known by the common man - scheduling in a high intensity resistance training workout (can use either body weight training or free weights) right before your meal.

It may be difficult to fit this workout in right before the meal, but if possible, the meal will be your ‘post-workout’ meal. After a high intensity resistance training workout, your body is able to manage a higher amount of carbohydrates than normal, because it helps replenish your muscle glycogen depletion during the high intensity workout.

Moderate intensity cardio exercise will NOT allow for this.  Only a high intensity resistance training workout will deplete enough muscle glycogen to handle restaurant size carbohydrate portions.

Use these dining tips to help make smarter and healthier decisions for a lean body, the next time you dine out.

Download this free Best Ab Exercises Booklet, NOW!

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