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I Lost 48 Pounds...Want to Know How I Did It?

By: Mike Applegate

Losing fat is simply the process of knowing what to do, and then taking action with that knowledge. That's all there really is to it, and that's how I achieved my 48-pound reduction! Knowing what to do entails several different areas: What actions to take, which foods to eat, what actions to avoid, which foods to avoid, etc. Although this article does not provide enough space to cover every detail on losing fat, I want to leave you with some great advice. Make sure to follow it, and you'll be heading in the right direction to achieving those fat loss goals!!!

Before I start, you need to realize that fitness is NOT a one-time deal to shed some pounds and then go back to your way of life. It's a permanent shift in your lifestyle...all for the better! A few people think I am a slave to my workouts and my way of eating. I believe the exact opposite to be true. I used to be a slave to my unhealthy habits of overeating and not exercising—which prevented me from being healthier, more energetic, more agile, stronger, and happier. My fitness lifestyle has brought me the freedom to truly enjoy all life has to offer!

That being said, the following suggestions will help you get started in shedding those unwanted pounds:

· Avoid high-fructose corn syrup at all costs! Make sure to check the food label for this ingredient before you even consider buying packaged food. If it's listed there, put it back on the shelf.

· Although juices provide some great nutrition, you should derive those same health benefits from whole fruits instead. They contain fiber, which allows them to digest at a slower rate. Slower digesting carbohydrates are an important part of losing fat.

· The food you eat needs a good amount of fiber to help digest it. Consume around 30 grams of fiber each day, but adjust accordingly depending on your caloric intake.

· Make sure that your protein sources have complete amino acid profiles. If they don't, you will not receive the same muscle-building, fat-burning advantages that only come from whole sources. This is a must!

· Stay away from dangerous trans fats (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils). Besides hurting your fat loss goals, trans fats are nothing but poison for your body. Also, never consume margarine!

· Lifting weights helps you build muscle, which in turn allows your body to burn more fat 24 hours a day. So if you're not currently performing this activity, you better get started. (Many people think lifting weights will get them big and bulky. This is not necessarily the case. Getting big takes a lot of work, is much harder than losing fat, and is definitely not easy to do. If you watch your caloric intake and exercise consistently, you will be fine.)

· Some people may tell you that "you're obsessed" based on the fat loss actions you consistently take. Don't listen to them. Most folks who say this may be lazy, uninformed, or just don't care enough about themselves to make the same changes. What they call "obsession" I call "discipline". The only people who have ever commented on my "obsession" have been out-of-shape and unhealthy. It's best to get advice from those who have accomplished similar goals. Why on earth would you listen to someone who's never even been there?

· Finally, remain focused on your fat loss goals. It will make all the difference in the world. Maintaining that focus will ensure that you consistently take the actions that will get you there.

BIO: My name is Mike Applegate, CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer) and I can teach you how to lose your fat! I have successfully done this for myself by losing 48 pounds. Please click on the website below to see my BEFORE and AFTER photos. I also offer A LOT more information there, so feel free to click on the link. Fat Loss Crash Course

© 2008 by Mike Applegate. All rights reserved.

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