Low Testosterone Causes

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Causes of Low T and Choices to Increase Your Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone with common benefits but unique challenges. Your strength, endurance and sexual energy are all closely tied to testosterone. Hormone imbalances that include low T can take an emotional toll, as well.

Meanwhile, factors such as age, disease and stress can all lower testosterone. Understanding symptoms of low T helps you be proactive in managing hormone levels.  Signs of low T have mind and body effects, so being mindful of several indicators is helpful.

Here are common causes of low T and some possible solutions:


Hormone changes often accelerate past the age of 40 for men and women. ‘Manopause’ is a term coined to note the depression and low libido that stem from hormone imbalances. Men with low T may realize few results from previously effective workouts.


Testosterone boosters with maca root or gamma oryzanol help improve mood, while also balancing hormones. Other options to offset age related loss of T include diet and exercise. (See below)


Cholesterol is what mostly fuels testosterone production. Diets that lack essential fatty acids (EFAs) and cholesterol may restrict your body from making testosterone.

EFAs are not produced by the body and must be consumed. Blood cholesterol consists of HDL (good) and LDL (bad) varieties. HDL helps clean the arteries of plaque buildup to improve heart health. Your testosterone and HDL levels are highly correlated.

Options: Nuts, eggs and fatty oils each have essential fats to help boost testosterone.  Consider snacking on a palm full of almonds throughout the day. Brazil nuts add a crunch to a salad drizzled with olive oil.

Scrambled eggs providecholesterol that is converted to T and are packed with protein. Adding fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel is another source.


Our bodies produce testosterone under duress. Workouts that force muscle recovery require more testosterone to handle the strain.  Your body can become too familiar with the same exercises and weights to make testosterone. 

Choices to consider

Workout varietyand intensity can influence testosterone. Doing incline bench press before flats strains your pecs in a different sequence. You may consider mixing dumbbells and barbells between workout days.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) provides intense bursts that can spike testosterone. Consider HIIT for your cardio, as well. Instead of a long jog, mix in 30 second bursts of sprints.

Choosing compound movements that work several body parts can raise T levels. Bench press, squats and bent over rows are examples that challenge our bodies to produce testosterone.

Disease and Injury:

Diseases such as mumps gain strength  by feeding on hormones. In these cases, hormone depletion may be needed to slow the progress.  Since testosterone is made in the testes, injuries to testicles can inhibit T production.

How to Cope: Working with a medical professional is often required. Hormone replacement therapy could be prescribed.

Genital injuries are not always obvious. If your diet, lifestyle and age do not indicate low T; a subtle injury to the testes may be a culprit.


Managing your stress is critical to hormone balance. The stress hormone cortisol is produced in excess when you have extended periods of anxiety.  Cortisol can crowd out testosterone to cause low T.

Solutions: Setting aside a block of time each day to close your eyes is invaluable. You can use the time to reflect, plan and visualize success in many areas of life. Make it a point to take a deep breath and focus on your goals each day.

Basic mediation and yoga may be options to consider. Yoga classes will keep you limber and have social benefits.

Your Health and Hormones are Closely Related:

Knowing how your age, lifestyle and history may change hormones is important. By recognizing signs of low T, you can take steps to improve overall health.

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