Muscular Endurance

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Muscle Endurance Exercises

Muscular endurance, an indispensable health associated constituent, is very much apt for physical fitness. Muscular endurance is the power of a group of muscles to retain for a long period in a contracted state. A healthy body can do it. If a person in a strong state gains muscular endurance, the person can resist fatigue condition of the muscles during a long period of work by those muscles. By acquiring this ability, the persons can do work continuously for a long period of time. It must be very much helpful during repeated works. If you prepare for muscular endurance, the slow twitch fibers in the body adapt changes. The slow twitch fibers attain great ability to store more oxygen. Due to the specialty of holding more amount of oxygen slow twitch fibers are other ways called red fibers. This muscles slowly contracts and work for a long period due to the ability of muscular endurance.

You can attain Muscular endurance through some type of exercises. Dynamic muscle endurance is the muscle's capability to contract and relax continuously and repeatedly. Push-up is one of the important exercises for this. During push-ups some times the muscles become fatigue and cannot continue the same thing. So a static dynamic endurance is needed. It refers to the muscles’ ability to retain in a contracted state for a long period. It is calculated by the period of time that a person can hold a sable body position. The every day activities like carrying things from markets and groceries to your home or car, playing repeating steps like tennis etc. muscular strength is very much needed and must be hold the muscles without fatigue. Muscular Endurance Exercises can achieve this.

Push-up is the main exercise for muscular endurance. Push-ups provide a static muscular endurance. Circuit Resistance Training is another effective program for developing muscular endurance. This training program include moving from one place to the next like a circular traveling. At each place you can do different exercises with higher repetitions and keep low to moderate resistance. There are about ten exercising places are used and the exerciser repeats the circular traveling two or three times.

The muscular endurance can be increased by small sessions including large muscular exercises. This results toning of muscles, calorie burning in the muscular tissues and also prevent back problems of people. Here giving some upper and lower body exercises which can be completed in 10 minutes. You can do this with privacy, in your home, office or in hotel rooms.

Upper Body Exercises

(1) Lateral Lifts – In this simple exercise you first stand with one hand on your waist and hold a book or paperweight or some other objects in the other hand. Then slowly lift the weighted arm in sideways and reach it to shoulder height and pause, and then slowly lower the arm. This should be repeated for about 10 minutes with each arm.

(2) Biceps Curls - First stand the elbows which are close to the waist position and arms at your side and make the palms making forward. Then hold an object like book or other heavy object in one hand and curl the hand holding weight towards chest, then pause and slowly lower. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times for each arm.

(3) Desk Pushups - It is an easy way of exercise. First stand, placing your hand on desk, make the arm straight, put the feet together, keep the back straight. Then slowly bend the elbows by leaning the head towards the desk and then straighten. Repeat it for about 10 times.

(4) Chest Presses – First put the palms jointly in front of the face and place the forearms lightly apart. Then press the palms together and slowly lift your elbows until making the elbows at a chin level, then pause and lower. Repeat this for about 10-15 times.

(5) Seated Crunches - Sit on the border of a stable chair and place the feet on another chair, cross arms over chest. Then lean back and partly raise chest toward bent knees. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

Lower Body Exercises

(1) Leg Extensions - First sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. Then flex one foot and slowly make straight the leg, pause, then lower. Repeat this exercise for about 20 times. If you like ankle weights you can use it. Repeat 20 times on each side. Use ankle weights, if you like.

(2) Straight-Leg Lifts - First sit on a chair place your feet on floor. Then flex the one-foot and straighten, then lift the complete leg off the chair. Hold like this for about 25 seconds, then lower and repeat this for about 5 times.

(3) Wall Squats - First you stand with your back against a wall. Then lower your body like a seated position and stay for about 30 seconds. This should repeat for about 5 times.

(4) Hamstrings Curls – First stand and hold a bookshelf or chair or file cabinet for support. Then slowly lift your heel towards buttocks and then lower it. Repeat this simple exercise for about 20 times on each side.

(5) Buttocks Squeezes – First tighten your buttocks and hold it for a few seconds and release it. Repeat it for about 10 times. This exercise can be done while you are traveling also.

Best Workouts for Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance

To increase aerobic endurance cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming can be practiced. You can adopt three stages to increase aerobic endurance.

(1) Beginner

(2) Intermediate

(3) Advanced

For beginners, the simple exercises like selecting stairs up to the apartment and avoiding lifts, walking can be selected to go to market etc can be adopted. During intermediate level you can increase your exercise pattern to a level of three or four times. When you become comfortable for this you can be moved to the advanced level by bring advanced levels of exercises mentioned above.

In the anaerobic energy system, the main limiting factor is lactic acid accumulation. It causes the fatigue condition of the muscles. Increasing anaerobic endurance increase the muscles’ tolerance to lactic acid and resists against fatigue. High Intensity Interval Training can help you to acquire this and you can keep your body with total fitness.

Principles in Muscular Endurance Exercises

(1) Combine strength and cardio training as part of your circuit-training program.

(2) Overcome fatigue with exercise order.

(3) If you don’t use it, you must lose it.

(4) Always perform a proper warm-up and cool down.

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