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Myths of Six Pack Abs

Myth # 1: You can get ABS by only abs exercises

Crunches, the sit-ups and additional other abdominal exercises will prepare your abdominals, but you will not be able to identify them unless you eliminate the fat that conceals it. Abs machines have the same effect of building abs but, they do not help in shedding fat rapidly. The muscles under the fat will change the tone, but still will be invisible. There is no aspect like spot reduction, where we can exclusively reduce the weight of a selected area of the body. The main approach is to reduce the overall fat in the body.

Myth # 2: Cardio exercises are the only manner to burn fat effectively

Engaging in cardio for 60 to 90 minutes is the most consistently known way to get rid of fat permanently. Not many people can stick to the routine, especially if their other routines require time. Cardio is good in maintaining levels of fitness, but is not the best way to burn fat in the body. You should also do exercises or strength training 3 to 4 times each week. When you build lean muscle, metabolically active muscles suggest fat burning too. Mike Geary has some really interesting insight on cardio for six pack abs.

Myth # 3: Whatever you eat is correct as you workout

To get the ripped look on your stomach, you must follow a strict regime of low fat and exercise. The scheme accounts for about 80% of your success in obtaining 6 packs. It is suggested to consume carbohydrates with low fat and moderate protein and moderate to minimize the overall body fat, including fat found in the middle section. Some of the best food sources include whole and normal. Try to avoid processed food as much as you can. Vince Delmonte has well designed nutrition plans for this purpose.

 Myth # 4: If you take a pill you will get a 6pack.

The regime of pills is a short term solution. If you take a big one, it has the likelihood of being composed of caffeine which would lead to further trouble such as addition. Some pills formulate your body to force out foods such as fat, which cause unpleasant effects such as diarrhea and deficiencies of nutrients.

Myth # 5 you should not eat carbohydrates to get a 6pack.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of fuel for intense exercise that you must run to increase your metabolism to burn fat efficiently.
Stick to complex carbohydrates with fiber such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and brown rice will satisfy your hunger as well as give you energy more sustainable with a little food as well as the hydration.

Myth # 6: You need to do long slow cardio sessions to burn fat.

If you want to look like a gaunt marathon runner is a good idea. The long cardio sessions help your body in producing excessive cortisol is a hormone that causes excessive breakdown of muscle tissue. A cardio exercise of a smaller duration (20-30 minutes) can burn up double the amount of calories when you practice, and continue to burn calories after exercise.

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