Protein Bar Recipe

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Healthy Protein Bar Snack Recipe

This recipe comes from The Bodybuilders Cookbook which is available at:

These very high protein candy bars are so full of protein...and other nutritious ingredients that you could almost exist in the peak of health by eating only the 6 candy bar recipes I'll give you now! Many people in this world live quite well on a diet that is far less nutritious. But, for the bodybuilder who wants to make fast, lasting gains in strength muscle size and energy, these High-Protein Candy Bars are fantastic!

To accurately determine the nutritional analysis of each bar, simply divide the number of bars you cut from the whole mixture - I will give you an example with recipe #1.

C'bar #1:

2 cups natural peanut butter:
Protein-134.6g Carbs-108.4g Fat-246.6g Calories-2,972

1/2 cup nonfat dry milk:
Protein-21.3g Carbs-32.2g Fat-1.4g Calories-217

4 tablespoons brown sugar:
Protein-0 Carbs-52.4 Fat-0 Calories-204 2 tablespoons honey:
Protein-0 Carbs-16.7 Fat-0 Calories-62

Protein-155.9g Carbs-209.7g Fat-248g Calories-3,455

Mix ingredients in large mixing bowl (if mixture is too dry, add a little whole milk; if too moist, add a little nonfat dry milk -- be sure to measure these other ingredients and see back of book for nutritional break-down so you can add this to total). Mix with your hands, thoroughly mixing everything. Now, very lightly butter cookie sheet, large, flat pan,or sheet of wax paper and spread mixture out on it about 1/2" to 1" in thickness, and in the shape of a square; than refrigerate until it hardens. Remove from refrig. and cut into equal pieces. Now, roll bars in sesame seeds that are spread-out on wax paper, etc. Each bar will take about 1 tablespoon sesame seeds.

Let' s say that you made 12 equal-sized candy bars from this recipe, each bar would have this nutritional analysis including the sesame seed):

1 Candy bar:
Protein-13+g Carbs-17.6g Fat-20.8g Calories-289+

That's a whopping handful of protein and other nutrition! And it's so inexpensive, too! Keep these bars refrigerated and eat one whenever you need protein power Plus! Terrific as one or those in between-meal snacks that constitute one of the 6 meal-a-day plans (See 2-Week Menu Suggestions chapter.)

The Bodybuilders Cookbook which is available at:

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