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Six best products to help you quit smoking

Sometimes quitting any habit can be quite a challenge.  Quitting smoking can be one of those cases where you would often need much more than strong willpower. Tobacco Smoking is one of the hardest common habits people struggle to quit all over the world. It is not an easy job to do on your own. It's easy to know why. Tobacco smoking is one of the most dangerously addictive habits in the world.

The secret behind its addiction is simple: Nicotine. This substance much more addictive than heroin in many aspects and thus surprising has been confirmed by many different studies and addictiveness ratings.

This can sound alarming. But you can now feel relieved because it is so much you can do to get out of your addiction that there is no reason not to start now!

The following are just some of the methods we've found out around the web:

1. Patches that contain nicotine

It may sound contradicting, but these skin patches are a starting point for people very deep into nicotine dependence. They release a unique, low dose of nicotine over long periods of time so you can decrease your cravings and reduce doses over time. Their advantage is that you can find them at your local drugstore without a prescription.

2. Nicotine Lozenges

These are often combined with the patches and are taken orally. You place one tablet in your mouth and suck it for a while (making sure it makes contact with your cheeks and gums), so the cravings and withdrawal symptoms stop. You can take several of these a day, often about two tens, depending on how frequent your cravings are. The goal is to reduce your ingestion as your symptoms decrease gradually.

3.  Nicotine-based gum

This product is similar to the lozenges in that it is used along with nicotine patches. Its method is a little different though. You chew on it for a while, and when you feel a distinguishable taste kicking in, you hold it somewhere on your buccal mucosa (the inside of your cheeks, your gums or underneath your tongue) for a while so you can absorb a dose. This process must be repeated until the gum has ran out of its particular flavor.

4. E-liquid

If all the previous oral methods looked too complicated to you, you could always resort to electronic cigarettes. The advantage is that you can find the best e-liquid of your preference and chose its flavor and dosage every time. They are easy to use and don't harm others around you. You can reduce your nicotine intake over time lowering the dosage you buy for your e-liquid. This way you can gradually stop depending on it in a much more practical fashion.

5. Prescription patches

These kinds of patches always represent higher doses of nicotine and are harder on your body.  The results may vary from one person to another. The advantage they have is that you can talk with your doctor about the best strategies you can take to stop your particular case of addiction.

6. Support Apps and programs

There are a lot of programs, literature, and information available that you can use to your advantage to quit smoking by yourself and in a safe way. This is often one of the more difficult methods, but some people, with lots of willpower and planning, can benefit from methods like these because there is an informative and natural alternative to release nicotine from your body without still recurring to the substance or involving other potentially compromising ones in the equation.

Keep in mind that the best method there is the one that adapts to you. The one thing you will need with either of these is your own will and knowing that the satisfaction of a healthier and more enjoyable life waits for you at the end of your journey.

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