Rowing Exercise Benefits

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The Benefits of Rowing Exercise

By: Zhaneya Taylor

There seems to be a new trend blazing the streets of the fitness world: rowing! But is it really new? No, its been around forever. Were just so used to seeing it collect dust in the corner of the gym while we walk past to go to our cycling class. Yet recently, more and more people are raving about rowing. Experienced cyclists are putting down the handlebars and picking up the oars. Of course there are disadvantages to everything in life, but somehow, there aren't many with rowing. The only disadvantage that my tons of research has concluded is the possibility of back pain, which can be prevented by good form. The most local rowing spots,GoRow Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Row House and CityRow in New York City, New York, all practice good form, so back pain shouldn't be a concern. Yet, the advantages of rowing are unprecedented:

1. Weight Loss

A workout on the rowing machine burns about 600 calories an hour, on average. Fitness specialist, Molly Parker says, On a stationary bike without arm movement, youd need to ride about 78 minutes to equal a 60 minute workout on a rowing machine. Alongside rowing, eating a balanced, healthy diet is an effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

2. Upper Body Workout

Rowing provides a great upper body workout. Rowers use the trapezii in the upper back, lats in the lower back, and rhomboids in the shoulders. A few benefits of a strong back and shoulders are better posture and less back pain. Combined with the workout of your back and shoulders, rowing provides a great workout for your abs, pecs, and biceps, which helps develop a stronger core. Developing stronger hands and wrists, because of the strong grip needed for the oars, are more benefits of rowing, which is great for people that do other activities such as yoga and rock climbing.

3. Lower Body Workout

Arguably one of the most rewarding benefits of rowing is the lower body workout. Some people even argue the fact that rowing is solely a lower body workout. The main muscles in the legs that are used are the quads in the front upper thighs. Your glutes and calves are not to forgotten because they feel the burn too! Benefit of a good lower body workout is that working out your lower body actually burns calories at a faster rate. Alongside muscle strength and tone, resistance training on a rowing machine is a good way to maintain flexibility and balance.

4. Low- Impact Cardio

For some people, high-impact workouts can carry more risks than benefits. A rowing machine is an effective alternative for those who cant perform exercises such as running, hiking, walking, or yoga. The rowing motion is natural and puts minimal stress on the joints. Rowing is great for injury prevention and can strengthen knees after surgery. Back strain is a constant concern in conversations about rowing, but with the proper posture and form, you can minimize the risk.

About the Author

Zhaneya Taylor is a high school senior from Jersey City, New Jersey. She specializes in fitness and fashion writing. Zhaneya is currently a marketing intern for IronStrong Jewelry, a jewelry company based out of Jersey City with the objective to create motivational jewelry for strong women.

Instagram: @ironstrongjewelry
Snapchat: @iron.strong

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