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How does Running on Treadmill Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat doesn't only ruin your appearance but also causes serious health problems. The extra fat stored in your body,can be the reason for so many diseases in your body. Do not panic now! I know you have tried various ways and methods to reduce your belly fat but have never been successful. Why don't you join a gym? Some people do join the gym but fail to continue it due to heavy workout routines performed out there. Get a treadmill at the comfort of your home and start following a daily fitness routine.

While you run on a treadmill, most of your belly fats get burned and you acquire your desirable body structure. It is the most beneficial way to lose belly fat. It just not only burns out your calories but also the visceral fat that's underneath your stomach muscles. But if you want to reach an optimal level of losing belly fat, then you need to do a lot of aerobic workouts, weight loss training and calorie reduction exercises.

You can carry on with your running routine or do effective cardio workouts for at least 75 to 150 minutes every week and if you lift weights two times a week, or do squats or sit-ups, you will surely loose a lot of belly fats.

But when you are running short of time and can't manage time for lots of workouts each day, then treadmills are your best friend in weight loose program.

Let's see how does treadmill help in losing belly fat:

1. Belly fat responds to running:

Belly fat responds to running and other effective aerobic workouts. And believe me, it is a good sign for your health. Kerry Stewart, a renowned doctor of John Hopkins School of Medicine, has said that cardio can actually help you get your visceral fats reduced. In comparison to other workouts, running is a better option to lose fats. It is seen that running helps you reduce fats faster than other exercises.

With the regular routine of running on treadmill, you can also perform some other types of exercises like rowing, swimming and cycling (of course, if you can manage ample times) , so that you can reduce your belly fat faster.

2. Healthy diet with regular running activity:

While you maintain the routine of running on treadmill, you also need to maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to reach your goal within a short period of time. It was in 2010 that some of the scholars of Tufts University observed that people who took more than three servings of wholegrain and one serving of refined grains each day, had a 10 percent less visceral fat stored in their body than those who didn't follow the routine.

3. Standard treadmill works better:

Now this is a very important point that you must ponder on. While going to buy a treadmill, it would be better to go for the most powerful motor with the maximum of belt speeds and more than 20+other advanced features loaded within it. These features are very much important when you are serious about getting a fat-free trimmed body. The treadmills that store the real time data and help you track the progress of your daily workout routine, are the best.

4. Workout with controlled heart rate:

Do you know that heart rate plays an active role in burning calories? While you run on the treadmill, your heart beats faster. If the heart beat rate crosses the 60% to 85% rate you may face serious health problem and in the same manner, if it falls below it, it will also be a problem for your body. To avoid this, the modern treadmills have some inbuilt mechanism within it so that it can measure your heartbeat during the workout session and can lower down the motion of the treadmill.

You must get your heart beat rate under control so that your body doesn't lose its balance and fall sick.

A Final Takeaway:

If you have any serious health condition, then you must consult a doctor before you go on with the running routine. Running is a very effective exercise; it charges up your complete body. If it is done regularly, it can cause muscle pain and joint pain. To make your body familiar with this running routine, it's better you walk and then over the weeks start small running routine.

These four points are very essential to get your belly fat burned down on a treadmill. Follow them to get your perfect fat less belly.

Author Bio:

Mia Jones, a professional fitness expert pens down useful blogs and articles to provide her readers keys to a healthy life. Follow her blogs to get beneficial fitness tips and vital information about workouts and gym equipments.

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