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How To Motivate Yourself To Get In Shape

By: By Nate Rifkin

Back in high school I lifted weights a few times per week with a friend of mine. One day a third friend named Jason joined us. But it would only be for a single session.

“I just can’t motivate myself to work out,” Jason told us. “The only way I can is if I listen to the music from Rocky.” My friend had a good laugh at his expense, but my first thought was: So what?

If he needed to listen to Eye Of The Tiger or Hearts On Fire EVERY time he trained, then why not just listen to those songs every time?

If it works, do it.

I work out in the morning. Always. And I usually recommend the same for everyone else. But if you find you can only get rolling in the evening – go for it.

Some people need to eat a little before training, and some can only go on an empty stomach. Some of my best workouts were when I was feeling hunger pangs.

I also hate any kind of gym where the air conditioning’s cranked to the max. Some people love it.

I like to cover myself up when I work out, lots of people prefer spandex – including some who really shouldn’t have the privilege.

The key point here is to stop thinking, “I can only do such and such” in a BAD way. Whatever conditions allow for you to succeed – make sure you follow them. If you need air conditioning, loud music, and heavy sweat pants to get a great workout at night, do that every time. If you prefer to sweat in lycra with dead silence in the morning air, stick to that.

And of course listen to some Gonna Fly Now too.

Nate Rifkin is the author of Your Marriage Is Making You Fat! and on his website he's giving away a free book on the most effective 5-minute workout there is.

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